Hi dear,

I am Maaya, a master of high dimensional energy in Japan: I have super intuitive perception (to analyze and instantly comprehend anything perceived. Empath, Telepath and so on)

Well, I am describing myself as such, but, actually I had never thought of doing this kind of work at all.

It is because, most of my life had been messed up with energy, perceiving it, so my only wish was “I would like to be a person who never perceive any energy, and I would like to have a normal life quietly”. Thus, never I had imagined of writing this message to you.

What I have done to get out of the harsh life due to my super intuitive perception are the trainings: “Observation of internal and external”, “To control consciousness” and “To take off things binding me (assumption, prejudice and brainwashing, etc.)”. It was long term training, and it was harsh days.

There was a scene Shin saw; he still brings back the story sometimes.

I was completely exhausted from daily reception of energy. The other day when I sensed some energy as usual and suffered my sensor/antenna and physically, I broke down crying in a bathroom at the extreme chagrin. (I thought I could had been able to avoid being found by him)

You can’t imagine what my frustrations are:
1.It is difficult for me to live in this three-dimensional world.

(I was not escaping from reality, not idle. Surely I was not spoiling myself. I was living my life frantically)
2.Regarding myself who still had been messed up by invisible world.

(It became my motivation of tracing and diagnosing further structure of invisible world and the connection of visible world at any cost)

Finally, that produced a significant result in 2010.

The fruit is not “to be unperceived”, and it is” I attained the power of controlling and handling energy”.

That is just like a Jedi in Star Was world itself. It is after many years’ training of how to use force rightly and cultivate my consciousness and myself to be worthy as a handler…

Writing the structure of energy world, laws of the universe and high dimensional wisdoms I obtained after overcoming the ordeals on a blog since 2009 is the beginning of “Maaya Village Institute of Energy Issue”.

This institute is run by my husband, Shin, who have supported me and quested and investigated together.

What I can say with my long experience of perceiving energy, is that particular “Unhappy Hado” and “Unhappy frequency” are emitted from unhappy people invariably. Also, whatever they read books, listen to audio books, and go to seminars pouring money and go to power spots to make their life successful, if their Hado and frequency are something unhappy, the results they expect can’t be obtained at all. Actually, the more they make efforts, the poorer and unhappier they become.

I have observed those people, and I think that if they would like to be happy, prosperous, healthy and successful, then the information, energy and Hado behind them should be arranged and fixed as so to be. The visible reality or physical condition are just the results of the information, energy and Hado. Even if you try to change your effect side, the cause of your problem won’t be solved at all. If the cause side is not changed, the reality (effect side) won’t be changed at all. This is the structure of this universe (the structure of the connection between visible world and invisible world).

It is difficult for you to fix, arrange and change them by yourself. Only who is experienced and knowledgeable about the cause side: information, energy, Hado and frequency very well can handle that. Therefore, Maaya fixes your frequency by “High Dimensional Quantum HADO” on behalf of you.

Many messages are being delivered every day.

I hope miracles will happen to you and you will be able to transform your one-time life to marvelous one.

It’s not too late even from now, as I changed and did further bottom-up of my life.

First, you will cast off your heavy and poor quality of energy, and transform your energy to comfortable high dimensional quantum energy. Then, you will influence on people around you, then, the people around you will influence… (Pay It Forward).

Consequently, the earth will be surrounded by superior high dimensional quantum energy…

I hope you will be the one, the first person to pay it forward.

You transform your Hado energy, and it will change the quality of your life, your reality, people around you, and finally, the whole successively.

The way of living is one of the very “valuable and the highest life” from the point of high dimensional and energy world.

Best regards,


Maaya Village 幻想郷