Topping “Brain” for Three Times A Month Remote Ku Healing

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Topping of “Brain ” for Three Times A Month Remote Healing
※This is for those who apply basic Remote Healing of Three Times A Month.

Additional “Brain ” : Maaya delivers this biggest Hado(vibes) of “Beauty ” from a true high dimensional field.

This "Brain" is good for them below:

Beginning July 2018, new topping "brain" has joined.

"I want to keep a solid brain forever without blurring!"
"I want to be myself able to do whatever I think by myself until death!"
"I want to be myself able to keep challenging everything with motivation no matter how many!"
"I want to upgrade all the functions of the brain!"
"I want to become myself able to master myself instantly anything!"
"I want to improve my brain power, IQ!"
"I want to further improve my ability!"
"I want strong support for study and other learning!"
"I want to dramatically increase my memory, concentration skills!"
"I want the brain to be refreshed and clear every time!"
"Because I tend to get bored easily, I want to be able to continue anything!"
"I want to be able to work with high quality and efficient work!"
"I want to be able to produce results at work!"
"I want to become myself who can quickly rotate my head and read the future!"
"I want to become a highly functional brain that can grasp the essence of things instantaneously!"
"I want to become a highly functional brain that can tell what is instantaneous and what is the correct answer!"
"I will develop both the right brain and the left brain and I want to become a truly smart self!" etc.

Please enjoy “Remote Ku Healing” adding your favorite topping.
*Topping menu is below:
“Trauma Transcend The Past”
“Money Wealth”
“邪気祓い(Jaki Barai in Japanese, exorcism)and霊障解消(Reisho Kaisho in Japanese, remove spirit harm”

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