Card for Television 1

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★Protect you from frequency and energy from TV and ghost★
The electrical system series is most necessary for people today, I believe.
Watching TV for a long time is tuning to a frequency, an intended frequency (electricity, electromagnetic waves and other vibration which can’t be detected by human ear).
The same quality of notion, ghost and collective consciousness get onto electrical system.
Then, it affects your thought, mind and body, surly.
When you think and when your brain works, subtle current flows. It’s a system.
Powerfully, it affects human beings who have invisible energy body, like aura, chakra, acupuncture point, route, sensor and antenna.

Just putting this card on TB, it shall change energy from TV to comfortable high dimensional Hado(wave motion)

※As time goes on, the effect the effect increases rather than when you started to use the card.
(I explain the system when I meet you in person)

I, Maaya had experienced that various Hado(wave motion) energy from TV and real information from television pictures had come to me many times and physical condition had changed.

If you watch TV for a long time, you are delicate in health or have children, you should use the card.

★For you who are★

・All the people watch TV!
・Who concern about Electromagnetic hypersensitivity and electromagnetic wave
・Who are sensitive to notion, Hado(wave motion) and ghost
・Who get tired strangely when you watch TV for a long time
・Ears get tired strangely when you watch TV for a long time
・No motivation, no spirit
・Who get tired easily, feel heavy
・Mental instability
・Anxiety and fear is getting stronger
・Get depressed easily
・Body itches
・Eyes are painful and tired
If you have the subjective symptoms above, you had better use the card

★How to use
Put the card rear side of TV

Size: length 127mm x width 89 mm (Japan’s standard picture size. About 3.5 inch x 5 inch)
Number of card: 1
Quality: Laminated paper

Maaya Village 幻想郷