Card Set for switchboard 1

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  • 通報する
★Change the quality of electricity from a generator★ series

I, Maaya perceives various Hado (wave motion) energy.
This series is most necessary for people today, I believe.
Please protect your body, which is receiver and transmitter, mind and thought from frequency pollution and electronic pollution.

It shall protect your though, mind, body, aura, sensor and antenna strongly.

Those invisible shall get on the same quality of notion, ghost and collective consciousness.
Then, it affects your thought, mind and body, surly.
This card shall transform the quality of electricity flows in building such a house or company from a generator to comfortable one.
★For you who are★

・You feel building and whole house is heavy and gloomy.
・When you are in a certain building or house, you feel depressed, irritated, physical condition gets worse or you become of a violent temper.
・Since you moved new place, you feel your physical, mental and financial condition got worse.
・Since you moved new place, you feel your issues, relationship and business performance got worse.
・All the people use PC!
・Who concern about Electromagnetic hypersensitivity and electromagnetic wave
・Who are sensitive to notion, Hado (wave motion) and ghost
・Who use PC and electronic device for long time
・No motivation, no spirit
・Who get tired easily, feel heavy
・Mental instability
・Anxiety and fear is getting stronger
・Get depressed easily
・Body itches
・Eyes are painful and tired
If you have the subjective symptoms above, you had better use the card

★How to use
Put two cards between a switchboard (like a box stores breakers)

Size: length 9.5cm x width 6 cm (name card size)
Number of card: 2
Quality: Laminated paper
Maaya Village 幻想郷