Card Case for Portable Card

¥ 150($1.32)





  • EMS Oceania

    全国一律 2,000円
  • EMS NA, CA

    全国一律 2,000円
  • EMS Europe

    全国一律 2,200円
  • EMS Asia

    全国一律 1,400円
  • EMS SA and Africa

    全国一律 2,400円


  • 通報する
When you hang Portable Hado (wave motion) Fixing Card from your neck, please use it.
The case is with fastener, so it can protect your card from dust, dirt, sweat and stain.

☆Only who have purchased Portable Hado (wave motion) Fixing Card can purchase the card case. You can't purchase this case only.

Size: case outer size dimensions: width 10.5 cm x height 8 cm Strap length: about 90 cm
Function: Length adjusting available Also, it has a clip to nip a pocket.
Strap color: light blue
★As the picture, the actual card case is with “Maaya Village logo card “
Maaya Village 幻想郷