MV波動転写 Hado (vibration) transcribed sticker level 1 ~カルマ・トラウマ・過去超越(Karma・Trauma・Transcend the Past)~

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  • 通報する
Finally, SORAKO sticker you had requested for a long time appeared!!
“MV 波動転写Hado (vibration) transcribed sticker level 1 ~カルマ・トラウマ・過去超越(Karma・Trauma・Transcend the Past)~”

SORAKO, as MV symbol mark, familiar to you, became a sticker!

Putting it on this and that…how to use is free♪
Happy Hado (wave motion) shall emit from your items as Hado copied goods♪

We prepared two patters of SORAKO sizes as you can use it for various places and items according to your purposes.
It has 6 SORAKOs which Hado (wave motion) has been copied on SORAKOs on a sheet, so you can share with your family, partner and friends.
Please make it useful for your further happy life♪

◆Usage examples & Recommended examples

『カルマ・トラウマ・過去超越Karma・Trauma・Transcend the Past 』Sticker
 ※To whom feel energy and karma of family-tree is heavy
 ※To whom hold trauma very much
 ※It’s good for children, too.
◆To whom would like to have more powerful Hado (vbration) effect
Hado(vibration) is transcribed to the sticker as 【anyone 】can use.
However, if you would like to have more powerful Hado(wave motion) effect, we recommend more powerful 『Hado Adjustment Card 』for you which copied individually being conscious 【user】

※Sticker is waterproof, but regarding things touch water, please use the sticker on your judgement
※It’s forbidden to do secondary fabrication, resale and diversion
※I you are sick, please take examination and treatment by doctor or specialist
This product is not to cure diseases
※This is Hado (vibration) product and the effects are not guaranteed.
We don’t accept return after being used. Please place orders upon agreement and acceptance of it.
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