Maaya's 塩(salt) 300

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Super strong!
Salt for 邪気祓い(Jaki-barai, Exorcism)・浄化(Purification)!

It’s special salt which has 邪気祓い(Jaki-barai, exorcism)and purification strong effects.

It’s natural salt which Maaya did 波動転写(copying Hado, wave motion) for whom would like to remove 邪気(Jaki, Evil spirit), ghost, electric charges and make 波動(Hado, wave motion) and energy lighter and cooler.

It’s best for who are possessed or attacked by something, who work being exposed to electric waves of PC, smartphone or other electric devices, or when you are in crowds, as downtown, shopping mall, train, bus or at funeral and so on, please use it.

As you can use it daily 邪気祓い(Jaki-barai, Exorcism)and 浄化(Purification), the price has been set low price.
Effect is strongest.

『How to use』

★Please put a suitable amount of the salt into small bag, and put it in the pocket of your clothes or bra.(When you feel hard by going to heavy place or meeting heavy person, please flush the salt in bathroom or washroom and use new one . Please try to replace new salt and have fresh and strong 波動(Hado, wave motion) energy with you.
Please don’t have the salt which absorbed various things and fought against various 波動(Hado, wave motion) energy.

★Please sprinkle to part you feel heavy or bad location for you when you feel you got or received or possessed by something.

★Please put the salt in a bathtub at bath time, for your daily 邪気祓い(Jaki-barai, exorcism), purification and removing electric charges.(On some bathtubs, it may get rusted, so please be careful)

★Please set the salt on a small plate and place at entrance or places you are concerned ) as 盛り塩(Mori Jio, piled salt)

Raw material:Himalaya Rock Salt 100% (Rose)
Content quantity:300g

If you are sensitive or subject because of your surroundings, occupation or nature, please use “Special Maaya Salty” which is stronger and gives you vital power.

※Regarding Maaya stones which copied 波動(Hado, wave motion) and accessories which copied 波動(wave motion), please purify them and let them charge energy by “Special Maaya Salt”
“Maaya Salt” is for purification only.

※Purification strap or other accessories by salt shall be the cause of rust, so please don’t do that.
※Salt water after purification absorbed 邪気(Jaki), so please dispose it right away. Please don’t use salt water after you used for other use.
※This salt is not to eat. It’s for purification only.
※Please don’t put the salt in “The Source of The Universal Unlimited Creation” (MV main product. International shipping is not available) and circulate.
※You can use it with aroma oil, bath oil or bath agent.
※There are bathtubs you can’t use salt by material, 24 hours-bath and so on.
※For accessories with metal, please purify them by MV crystals for purification. Please never, ever purify accessories by salt directly. It shall be the cause of rust, peeling off and getting blackish

★ Waterproof seal on bag is SORAKO mark.
As MV card, Maaya drew it pouring energy, so even a seal is effective. Therefore, it’s good to put on electrical device or purse.
Maaya Village 幻想郷