Topping “Beauty” for Three Times A Month Remote Ku Healing

¥ 3,000($26.40)






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Topping of “Beauty ” for Three Times A Month Remote Healing
※This is for those who apply basic Remote Healing of Three Times A Month.

Additional “Beauty ” : Maaya delivers this biggest Hado(vibes) of “Beauty ” from a true high dimensional field.

Comments from those who took the topping.
“After the Remote Healing, my face lifted up!”
“My eyes opened fully and skin became fair”
“The condition of my hair improved”
MV high dimensional beauty art has received great reviews.

“I would like to bask energy of “Beauty and Health ” in addition to basic remote healing!”

“I get tired easily these days, and I would like to be beautiful, so I will try to add “Beauty and Health” for six months!” etc.

*It is recommended for a pet as well who is weak in nature, poor. old and weakened various body parts ...)

Please enjoy “Remote Ku Healing” adding your favorite topping.
*Topping menu is below:
“Trauma Transcend The Past”
“Money Wealth”
“邪気祓い(Jaki Barai in Japanese, exorcism)and霊障解消(Reisho Kaisho in Japanese, remove spirit harm”

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