Topping “Money and Wealth” for Three Times A Month Ku Remote Healing

¥ 3,000($26.40)






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Topping of “Money and Wealth” for Three Times A Month Remote Ku Healing

※This is for those who apply basic Remote Healing of Three Times A Month.

Additional “Money and Wealth ” : Maaya delivers this biggest Hado(vibes) of “Money and Wealth” from true high dimensional field.

“I would like to bask energy of “Money and Wealth” adding Basic Remote Healing!”
“Lately, I started own business, so I will add “Money and Wealth” to the Basic Remote Healing for six months!”etc..
* Toppings can also be given to those who apply for remote pet Ku Healing.

Please enjoy “Remote Healing” adding your favorite topping.
*Topping menu is below:
“Trauma Transcend The Past”
“Money Wealth”
“Beauty Health”
“邪気祓い(Jaki Barai in Japanese, exorcism)and霊障解消(Reisho Kaisho in Japanese, remove spirit harm”

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