December 3. 13. 23 ”Remote Ku Healing for Pet Three Times A Month”

¥ 6,000($52.80)






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Special price for your pet
『Remote Ku Healing for pet』
Ku Healing became available for pets outside of Japan from September!

Negative energy the owner emits or the owner receives will go to the weakest creature. If you have no children, the negative energy may go to your pet.
Also, pets are sensitive to something ghost, Hado (vibration) of land and residence.
You may would like your lovely pets to stay healthy and cheerful♪
How about letting your lovely pet, a member of your family and heal you take the High Dimensional Quantum Healing three times a month with your feelings of gratitude?
Let’s have a bright, lively and healthy high dimensional life with your whole family taking 『Remote Ku Healing』!

◆Day & Time
Three days:
Sunday December 3 at 9:00PM Japan Time
(Sunday December.3 at 8:00PM China time//Sunday December 3 at 6:00AM Chicago.// 7:00AM N.Y. //Sunday December 3 at 13:00PM Paris// 12:00PM London//Sunday December. 3 at 17:30PM New Delhi// Sunday December. 3 at 13:00PM Berlin)

Wednesday December 13 at 9:00PM Japan Time
(Wednesday December 13 at 8:00PM China time// Wednesday December 13 at 6:00AM Chicago.// 7:00AM N.Y. // Wednesday December. 13 at 13:00PM Paris// 12:00PM London// Wednesday December.13 at 17:30PM New Delhi//Wednesday December 13 at 13:00PM Berlin)

Saturday December 23 at 9:00PM Japan Time
(Saturday December 23 at 8:00PM China time// Saturday December 23 at 6:00AM Chicago.// 7:00AM N.Y. // Saturday December 23 at 13:00PM Paris// 12:00PM London// Saturday December 23 at 17:30PM New Delhi//Saturday December.23 at 13:00pm Berlin)
Duration: about 10-15mins

Payment due date:
Saturday December 2 at 10:00AM Japan Time
(Saturday December 2 at 9:00AM China/ Friday December 1 at 7:00PM Chicago// 8:00PM N.Y. // Saturday December. 2 at 1:00AM London//2:00AM Paris/Saturday December .2 at 6:30AM New Delhi// Saturday December. 2 at 2:00AM Berlin)

◆Ordering method
When you order for one pet, please input “1” in the shopping cart.
When you order for two pet, please input “2” in the shopping cart.
Then, please fill in your pet’s name, what kind of your pet is and address in the remarks column.
(An example)
John (dog) : 1xxx Maaya Village Street, Moreno Valley, California 92551, USA
Apple (cat): 1XXX Maaya Village Street, Moreno Valley, California 92551, USA

Please take the healing continually as you take good water or supplement every day.

**Please note**
1. Maaya Village’s session and healing are not medical practices. Please take the healing after understanding cleansing reaction and risk. Currently if you are taking medicine, going hospital, please order the healing on your own responsibility.
2. The way you feel and perceive, effect and the frequency of effect of Maaya Village session and healing are different from person to person. We can’t refund the fee and can’t accept objections because of the reason you didn’t feel effect, etc.
3. Due to nature of Maaya Village’s session and healing, this service is non-refundable.

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